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... for the most popular Salsa Nights in Swindon (& Wiltshire!)
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What is Salsa?

Salsa is Ö a street dance originating in Cuba & Puerto Rico and popularized in New York.  Definitely NOT ballroom (this is for FUN - no exams!), itís danced with a partner (you donít need to bring your own, but you can if you want to Ė and even if you do, we usually rotate partners so you get to dance with all the other guys/ladies in the class). 

The Music

Salsa music is constantly evolving and the variety is endless.  We're always "hot on the heels" of all the latest tracks and play a great mix of funky Salsa, Reggaeton, Boogaloo, Bachata, Merengue and Kizomba.  We aim to please and try to play your favourites on request.


It doesnít matter what age, if youíre an experienced dancer or have two left feet, you can join in.  Itís fun, friendly and, if youíre not careful, you might get fitter (without even trying!)  Forget the gym, this is a LOT more FUN!  Start any week Ė no need to book & there's always new people, so you wonít be alone!

What to Wear?

Apart from our Special Event nights when some of the ladies get their "posh" frocks out, at our regular nights most people dress "smart casual" - do bear in mind you might get a bit hot, so wear something cool - whateverís comfortable, plus itís easier on the feet if you wear shoes that donít grip the floor or slip off and fly across the room (been there, done that, other people have got the bruises!).


Why Not Try It?

If youíre still not convinced about giving it a go, come along, have a drink and check it out first!   You're welcome to stay for the whole evening and we're a friendly bunch so, if you're on your own, you'll soon make friends.

HM Government Warning!

(well, there should be!)
You can very easily become hooked
itís extremely addictive!

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